More Praise!
(We really do have the best customers)

I just wanted to drop a line to let you know how much I loved the new Bean Burrito. You know I shuddered a bit when you decided to go mostly vegan, but as a good mom, I always want to encourage your choices. So, with only a wee bit of trepidation (because the Pulled Pork Enchilada was one of my most favourite meals), I heated up the Bean Burrito. Oh, Yodie! [Ha! Now everyone knows my pet name!!] I can’t begin to describe how really, really GOOD this tastes!! Fresh, nicely spiced with a little heat, great texture and so tasty I really didn’t even miss the meat. I’ve got to say this is definitely a new favourite!!
— Sheri Olinyk, Pre Made Meal Client, May 2015
Dear Yoda and Mike, Thank you both again for putting together an epic party for my wife, Leisa. You guys were over-the-top wonderful and did an amazing job with every last detail. It goes to show how good you guys really are to handle a group that size on your own. You guys are the best! Enjoy your trip together and please know how appreciative we are of being the biggest part of Leisa’s surprise. Leisa was so surprised that you were both at her celebration. Thanks again!
— Steve & Leisa, Catering Clients, April 2015
A huge thank you to Yoda & her entire staff for a wonderful job catering our fall wedding! Picking out our wedding cater was the LEAST daunting part of the entire wedding planning process. I knew as soon as I started planning my wedding I was going to go with Yoda! We wanted REAL LOCAL FOOD to enjoy with our guests. Our rustic barn venue and Yoda’s seasonal menu were a match made in heaven! Everyone said how wonderful the food was, and how much they all enjoyed it.The fact that people ate everything on their plates speaks volumes to your fabulous cuisine! Thank you again!!
— Aaron & Kandace – wedding clients, September 2014
Yoda, I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent food and service last night. We have had nothing but great comments about the food and your staff! We will definitely be seeing you again in the future! Thanks again!
— BMO Nesbitt Burns, catering client, November 2014
Yoda’s private catering was the perfect choice for our wedding. We had a small town wedding, and it was important to us to source locally grown ingredients, used by a caterer within the area. Yoda worked with the unusual style of service we wanted and selected several absolutely mouth watering options that fit with our event, theme, and budget. Yoda was incredibly accommodating, and executed our plans perfectly. The locally sourced ingredients, some directly from her own garden, made the food even more delectable. Our guest raved about the unique and interesting flavour combinations. Her staff was lovely, professional and added little personal touches that made the event feel friendly and comfortable. We will most definitely be having Yoda cater our family events for years to come.
— Ashley & Darryl, wedding clients August 2014
I just want to let you know that the hors d’oeuvres and the buffet were amazing. We’ve had so many guests saying how great the food was. Some said it was the best food at a wedding that they’ve ever had. You’ve done a great job and gone above and beyond what you had to do. Food was pretty high on our list of things at the wedding and you delivered. I got your card also and it’s sooo cute! I love it! Thanks again and we’ll be sure to use your services again!
— Reaksmey and Mike, Wedding client, 2014
We were just thrilled with you and your crew – thank you!! People are still talking about your wonderful food! It all went by so fast but what a great night! It all came together! I was so happy you left me a brownie since I didn’t get a chance to have any dessert- the brownie was amazing!!!!!
— Jane, catering client, June 2014
Hi Yoda! Wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you and Becky did on Friday night. Everyone raved about it and thought it was a fun idea :) Take care and good luck with your company, there will be great things ahead for you I am sure. If we ever require catering services you are going to be our go-to!
— Meghan, Wedding Rehersal Client, June 2014
My daughter had decided that for her 25th birthday she’d like to do something special and have a party with friends and family. I was more than happy to offer to help out and bring some snacks etc., so imagine my surprise when she told me she was looking at 50 plus people and also wanted to have it our house!
That’s where Yoda and her catering company came to the rescue. I dropped in to her store to buy some convenient homemade dinners and we got talking about her catering services. Next thing I knew we were all set up for a cocktail party and no work for myself or my husband! We all got to enjoy the party without any worries. Yoda prepared the food fresh in my kitchen which was a huge hit. I had several people asking for cards and menus. There was such a variety of canapes that everyone had several delicious options. Yoda’s staff was amazing as well. The servers were extremely pleasant and efficient and did a fabulous job cleaning as well.
To have a party at home and feel like you’re at a party is a wonderful treat!
— Cindy, March 2014
After planning our wedding for nearly two years, many things changed after we both lost a parent, we decided we wanted to have a small, intimate gathering with little fuss. After looking into several restaurants, we realized quickly how difficult it would be to accommodate my husbands gluten allergy and our children’s dairy intolerances. Next we started to look into caterers, thinking it would be easy to find a company that would come to our home and cook a meal for 25 guests. It took many meetings and trials until we found Yoda’s Private Catering, and from the moment we first spoke on the phone and the complimentary tasting she offered, we knew she was the perfect choice for our wedding. Yoda was very understanding about our allergies and offered several exciting options for our meal. Yoda was very punctual with all correspondence and arranged everything from our absolutely stunning table settings (I am still getting notes from our guests about how our dining room was transformed!) to helping select 2 wines and not to mention the perfect meal. We had an amazing gluten free veggie lasagna, the best scalloped potatoes in the world, very seasonal vegetables and a personalized cake just for us. Yoda’s staff was very professional and took the time to fill waters and were very polite. Our kitchen was left clean and tidy, and we found 2 handmade glutenfree brownies and a thank-you card for us the next morning – a very nice touch. We were 100% satisfied with Yoda’s services and we can’t wait to hire her for a romantic 1 year anniversary
— Shannon, January 2014
Yoda, You promote that your meals are healthy, but I think they are more than just healthy. They are also REAL… your ingredient labels only have REAL FOOD (unlike the frozen meals we used to buy at M&Ms or Food basic) like carrots, onions, tomato… Also your meals are portion-controlled. I’ve actually lost weight…. When I eat one of your meals for dinner I know I am doing something good for my body and also I’m not starving after like in the past when I’ve been on diets. And you can tell your meals are made with not only real ingredients but with love… it is comfort food like my mom used to make that tastes GOOD and isn’t full of extra calories. So keep up the good work!!!!!
— Tia, September 2013
Yoda’s meals have completely changed dinner time at our home. not only is everything homemade, healthy and delicious… but they are so easy to heat. We like to put 1 mac and cheese for the kids to split, I like to quinoa bake because I need gluten free, and my hubby loves the lasagna… all on a sheet pan for 15 minutes and thats dinner!!! Thank you Yoda… you have saved my family so much stress and given me more time to spend with my kids! what more can someone ask for???
— Rachel, September 2014
Yoda’s Private Catering catered my wedding reception June of 2013. My Husband and I would hands down recommend her to anyone and everyone we know! The entire process of working with her from start to finish was excellent. She was so helpful with her input and ideas it really took all the stress away and aloud us to focus on other things that needed it. We cant even count how many comments we had on the food that night about how delicious and fresh everything tasted. Every plate was emptied just as quickly as it came out and she was amazing at keeping the perfect pace so there was always cocktail waiter’s/waitresses walking around with something new and exciting to offer the guests. Everyone knows how busy of a night it can be for a bride and groom, we were constantly off doing a number of things and getting pulled in a million different directions that we were rarely close by the food. However, that didn’t stop us from getting a taste of everything because to our pleasant surprise Yoda set aside a plate for us to have our own little tasting which just shows how much she really cares about her clients. I don’t know how she did it but she also managed to leave behind some wonderful breakfast casseroles, fresh fruit, and homemade blueberry muffins for brunch the next morning. Once again I must say the experience was truly amazing and I would use Yoda’s Private Catering again in a heartbeat!!!
— Melanie O, June 2013
Recently, we had the fortunate opportunity to have Yoda cater a romantic dinner on our balcony patio. My partner’s daughter was unable to be present for his birthday, but wanted to make sure it was a memorable occasion, and it certainly was when she hired Yoda. Yoda and I had preliminary discussions about food likes/dislikes/allergies and she came over for a tour of our kitchen’s layout and to pick up keys to our place; as the evening was a surprise, I was to keep Paul away until the scheduled dinner time. When we arrived, the first surprise was the decorated door, welcoming him home and wishing him happy birthday from his daughter. Yoda escorted us to the set table outside. Then we began the superb meal; one that could not have been better. The starter platter included homemade bread, peach and basil chutney, prosciutto, duck confit and homemade pickles and amazing freshly pickled asparagus. The appetizer was a beautifully presented soup – spicy tomato soup, spinach, and a corn “salad” on top with crunchy croutons. It was delicious. The dessert was a light lemon cake with citrus fruit and berries topped with homemade chocolate semifreddo, something neither of us had tried before, but are huge fans of now. Yoda discussed our menu with sommelier Mike Fish, who chose the perfect wine to compliment the meal. And when the meal was finally over, Yoda left the kitchen cleaner than it was when she arrived.
— Linda W, July 2013
Yoda’s passion for food is contagious. Her original recipes are creative and beautifully presented. She makes most things from scratch using ingredients locally sourced whenever possible. The meal she created for us was inspired by her heart and executed with tremendous skill. It was a most memorable evening, one we were lucky to have experienced. Everyone should try this experience at least once in their life.
— Linda Worsley
When I think of ‘convenience’ foods from the grocery store… (you know, the frozen ones you get that have pretty pictures that make them look delicious) these are the words I think of: salty, mushy, slimy, CHEAP. When a friend told me about Yoda’s meals, a part of me wondered how they could be any different. When I opened up the package, the first thing I noticed was COLOUR. The strifry I got was colourful… it didn’t have a gluey brown sauce all over it, and the rice still had texture. The veggies are what really amazed me… carrots, beans, brocili, peppers, mushrooms… all in a really flavourful sauce that wasn’t SALTY and they still had crunch and flavour. When I think of Yoda’s meals, I think of: Vibrant, alive, healthy, well seasoned, balanced… There is a difference between CHEAP food, and GOOD VALUE food.
— Carol, Pre Made Meal Client, July 2013
For someone who is not a vegan, Yoda knows how to make healthy food taste great! I can’t believe my kids like quinoa and sweet potatoes. Thanks Yoda… you are making Moms all over the city extremely happy!!!
— Jennifer, Pre Made Meal client, June 2013
I don’t want to be boring, but if I could describe Yoda’s Private Catering in one word it would be PROFESSIONAL! When we hosted my parents’ 30 year anniversary last month, Yoda was not only the ONLY caterer willing to meet with us beforehand, but she also customized our menu to include their favourite foods from around the world. Yoda was punctual for each and every meeting, never fussed about anything, and was incredibly pleasant to work with.
— Allison, June 2013
Dear Yoda, As a young mother of 2 boys, I have always had the mentality of “I can do it all!” I work full time, take care of a family, volunteer, exercise… all the while, trying to feed my family healthy, wholesome food. I used to try to make food in large batches on a Sunday, so we could eat for the week but we ran into the problem of: one of my boys likes mushrooms, one doesn’t… one week they don’t eat meat, the next they do… not to mention the fact that chilli gets boring after day 3!!! Discovering your services has CHANGED MY LIFE. The fact that you allow me to make changes to your existing menu, as well as cook everything to perfection, allows us to enjoy something different each night, and I don’t have to feel guilty about not always having the time to cook for my kids. Thank you so much, keep up the great work!
— Tanya, Pre Made Meal client, June 2013
You’ve gotta go check out Yoda’s Private Catering! The coolest past is that when I asked if I could look into her fridges and cupboards, she said YES! I was pleased with what I found… she definatly makes everything from scratch and with love. Her food is delicious, healthy, hand made and better yet, she is always there to work on the menu with you in person!
— Cayleah, May 2013
When I asked Yoda if she could make brunch for my wedding party last minute, I was sure she would say no. But I had to ask, and to my surprise, she was not only willing to make it, but she customized it to my requests! We had blueberry muffins, HOMEMADE croissants, quiche… the works. Yoda not only made my wedding a meal to remember, but also helped us exponentially the next day when we had a house full of people to feed…
— Mel, April 2013
Yoda, we wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the meals we got from you last weekend. They didn’t make it past the weekend! So very delicious and I felt great about eating it because I knew it was homemade with love with no added preservatives and junk. We will definitely be back!
— Raylene, Pre Made Meal client, May 2013
The only medicine that is good for us and that will keep us healthy into an old age is THE FOOD WE PUT INTO OUR BODIES….. yes there is western medicine…. which we do need, but we must also use alternative medicine. Yoda and you are so on the right page with your business…… i love the fact that you are able to and provide , natural, organic, Gf, low sodium etc., for your clients, healthy ingredients that we all need to be and stay healthy…. Yoda you are headed in the right direction……more and more people are starting to realize the importance of “GOOD, REAL FOOD” and you are going to make it easy for them to have.
— Barb, general comment, March 2013
I discovered Yoda’s Pre-Made Meal Service through a friend’s facebook page, and since then, life hasn’t been the same! I am no longer forced to order pizza or greasy chinese food for dinner, and I’m also no longer stuck with preservative laden frozen meals from the grocery store! Yoda’s meals are the best of all worlds!! Easy to heat, fast and most of all HEALTHY. I totally trust Chef Yoda when feeding my family… why would you not spend a little extra money and save yourself heaps of time and energy? Yoda’s Pre Made Meals are WORTH it! I highly recommend them for anyone who doesn’t have the time (or skill!!) to cook.
— Brody, Pre-Made review, Feb 2013
As a busy doctoral student, I don’t have much time to cook, and was often turning to unhealthy takeout or instant meals. Knowing that this was taking its toll on my energy levels and health, I found out about Yoda’s pre-made meal service and thought it sounded like an excellent option for affordable, delicious, and healthy meals that I could heat up quickly. Yoda is extremely professional, and pays careful attention to details in terms of menu plans and dietary needs. I try to eat vegan as often as possible, and Yoda’s services have been absolutely awesome for nutritious and delicious vegan meals. Her dishes are very creative, easy to reheat, and most importantly, taste amazing! You can tell that a lot of care goes into preparing these meals, and this passion is evident when Yoda makes her meal deliveries! She is friendly and eager to accommodate the needs of her clients. I’ve been recommending her to all of my fellow doctoral students, and will continue to recommend her to anyone who needs pre-made meals or catering services!
— Sheri, Pre-Made meal review, Oct 2012
I had the pleasure of having Yoda Cater for me for two very important events. The first event was for a Cocktail Party for my Wedding reception and the second was for a bachelorette party I was co-hosting. For the reception we had many hot hor d’oeurves that were served by servers Yoda provided as well as a table with a variety of platters, sushi and sandwiches. For the bachelorette we had items such as homemade pizzas and cup cakes. The food for both were incredible and wowed not only myself but my guests as well. It is easy to see that the taste and the freshness of Yoda’s products are of the topmost quality. But Yoda’s talent isn’t only limited to the amazing ability as a chef but also to her ability to help you plan and execute the perfect event. She has a very keen knack at determining what types of foods will go over in specific crowds and how much is needed; and also when and how much of certain items to bring out at a time to satisfy your guests. I believe it is this attention to detail that is also extremely important to note as this is often over looked by many companies in this industry. I would absolutely hire her again, and look forward to the next event I attend catered by Yoda the Chef.
— Tonia, wedding and bachelorette, July 2012
I have been honoured to have Yoda cater for me twice! Once was a surprise birthday dinner for my Dad – he thought he was living in a dream. The presentation of the food was heavenly. We started with a great Antipasto platter, which was filled with mouth watering finger foods fresh from Yoda’s own garden. She was able to personalize everything in the meal, from my dad’s favourite foods to foods with symbolic meaning. After, my dad said to me that this was one meal he will never forget, he was blown away. The second time Yoda catered was for my staff Christmas party. I got too-many-to-count great comments about all of the food, from the appetizers through to the desserts (incl. HOMEMADE ICECREAM|). The presentation was incredible and everything looked as good as it tasted. Yoda had done an amazing job setting everything up before the guest arrived. When they walked in, the expressions on their faces were priceless. She made this great Pad-Thai in small individual containers. I can only imagine how blown away my co-workers were! Everyone left with a full belly, and a small gift from Yoda, a shortbread cookie and her card. In conclusion my experience with Yoda’s Private Catering has been nothing but exceptional, I will highly recommend you in any way I can in the future.
— Emily Jones, various events review, January 2012
Yoda made a surprise birthday dinner for me that has to be one of my most memorable meals ever! From the opening cheese platter, through to the home made ice cream and divine cheese cake dessert, the food was superlative.
If you are a foodie, you will love chatting with Yoda and learning how she creates the ideas for her stunning menus. I look forward to our next repast
— Paul Myers, birthday party review, July 2011
Yoda was the caterer for my Bachelorette party which was a wonderful surprise to me! She made such incredible food that was fresh and lots of it. The mini burgers, bacon wrapped scallops, several homemade dips and of course the amazing homemade ice cream was just a few things that she had prepared. She offered so many options with an abundance of each to go around. She was very professional in everything she did and always made sure the platters were full. Yoda was an amazing caterer and made my last ‘single’ night absolutely perfect! I would definitely recommend Yoda’s Private Catering to anyone looking for someone to add the perfect special touch to their private event and I will definitely be hiring her in the future!
— Melanie Duin, party review, May 2011
Recently, I had the pleasure of having a ‘valentines day wine & dine’ catered by Yoda. Our evening was spent with a few close friends & their significant others being brilliantly served with many delicious dishes homemade by Yoda. All of our savoury dishes, from handrolled sushi to the moutwatering vegan sliders, were certainly made with love on our special valentines evening. The heavenly dessert that followed was nothing short of divine. Our fresh fruit skewers, homemade donuts and chocolate covered strawberries were the perfect way to satisfy a sweet tooth and to conclude our amazing dining experience. The presentation was absolutely perfect and the wide variety of food options had something to satisfy each and every taste bud. Yoda was extremely professional and her passion for food was evident through all of her delectable creations. I would highly recommend Yoda’s Private Catering and look forward to having the pleasure of having Yoda’s services in the future!
— Sheila, dinner for two review, February 2012
My wife and I were very pleased with the dinner we had catered by Yoda last month. Our menu was customized down to every last detail and Yoda provided many of the things that we feel you just can’t get at your average restaurant. From every little thing down to the music, linen and candles..she thought of everything! And, most importantly, the food was fantastic and we were so glad that she considered my wife’s gluten allergy.
— Shawn, dinner for two review, – February 2012