Private Catering Questions

Q: How far ahead should I book an event?

A: During our busy months (May-August, November-January) it is best to book as far in advance as you can. If you are hosting a wedding or party on a Saturday, it is also best to give lots of notice. You can never book an event too early. You can always try your luck at contacting us if you have a last minute gathering, and we will do our best to fit you in.

Q: WHAT CAN I DO If you are already booked?

A: I start by asking if there is any flexibility in the date of your event - although for birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions, this is sometimes not the case. Our catering company is different from others in that we don't just send a chef to different events each day. This means we only book one event a day so you have our full attention and time. We work closely with a variety of other caterers in London & St Thomas so if we can’t cater your event, we can often refer you to someone we trust.

Q: What is tipping etiquette?

For every catering invoice, we apply a 15% auto gratuity to be split among all the staff who worked hard to ensure your event was perfect. This is standard practice in the service industry. Beyond this, additional gratuities are not expected, but if you feel that you received exemplary service, it is always greatly appreciated. 

Q: Do you provide servers and bartenders for my event?

A: Yes! All our staff are Smart Serve Certified and experienced in the food service and bartending industry. This gives you time to enjoy yourself at your event! We will determine the appropriate number of staff needed for your event upon booking.

Q: Can you provide plates, glassware, silverware and linens?

A: Yes, we can provide a wide variety of plate and glassware. For parties of 12 or less, everything is included in the price of your party - plates, wine and water glasses, coffee mugs, silverware, napkins and linens. For parties of more then 12, including large weddings, we work closely with rental companies in the city to ensure you get great service for these rental needs. A small fee will apply for providing this service.

Q: Do you provide party planning services?

A: We do not currently provide party planning services internally, but we do work with a number of party planners in the city and can help you find the best person for your event!

Q: If my guests have allergies, can you accommodate this in the menu planning?

A: Yes! We cook for people with allergies all the time, so please let us know when booking and we will make sure to include your guests' needs in the menu planning.

Q: Can you provide alcohol for my event?

While Yoda’s Kitchen does not have our own liquor license, Special Occasion Permits can be obtained from the LCBO to allow us to serve alcohol. Yoda’s Kitchen can help facilitate this, depending on the event. We also work closely with various distributors, and with the right licensing, we can provide alcohol for your event. This does not mean we can personally provide alcohol, but we can provide everything needed,  and serve it.

If you choose to provide your own alcohol, please ensure that you always have the right permit. 

Q: Who sets the table at my event?

A: Yoda’s Kitchen can provide this service for your catering event. If you are hosting a small dinner party in your home, table settings are included and we will arrive 1 hour before the meal to set your table. If you are having a wedding, our staff may need several hours to provide this service depending on the size of the event. This will be discussed in more depth during the booking process.

Q: Do you need to use my kitchen if the event is in my home?

A: Yes. Yoda’s Kitchen will transform your kitchen into our own for the night. We request that you have a clean counter space for us to work with, and will be using your oven, stove top and sink. We always leave things as clean as when we arrived (or sometimes even cleaner, according to our clients!)

Q: Do you need to see the venue before the event?

A: It depends. If we have catered at the venue before, we do not need a viewing, unless you have special requests for layout. If it is a new venue for us, we may wish to see it before. 

We have catered in every type of “kitchen”, including in a wide open field with not electricity or running water… so we’ve got your covered!

Q: What is the maximum number of people you cater for?

A: This depends largely on the event type and menu. For formal in home dinner parties, we can serve up to 12 people a plated 3-5 course meal. For 12-50 people, we offer family style menus or buffets. 

We can accommodate late groups of 100+ people if it is the right menu and venue. The best way to find out is to contact us!

Q: What time do you and your staff arrive at my event?

A: I always arrive at least 90 minutes before an event. For weddings, I typically arrive several hours before.

Q: How soon do you need to know final numbers before an event?

A: At least 5 days, but the more time, the better. Within 5 days of an event, we cannot make changes to the menu or amount of food.

Q: Do I need to make a deposit?

A: Yes. Our policy is to take a 30% deposit to reserve the date of your event for you. Once all of the details are in place, we expect full payment at least 5 days before your event. This deposit can be made with cheque, credit card or cash.

We send electronic invoices for all event payments, which you can pay in person or easily pay online.

Q: Do you serve coffee at events?

A: Yes! We serve Patrick’s Beans organic, fair trade coffee with organic milk & cream, or non dairy milk. We also serve Wildflowers Tea.

Q: Will you travel for caterings? 

A: Yes... we will travel anywhere for the right event.  Certain fees will apply.  (We even get on planes for the right event!)

Little Green Food Co. Questions

Q: How long do Little Green Meals last in the freezer?

According to CFIA guidelines, vegetarian frozen entrees last for 3 months in the freezer. Your meals are very fresh! They are made just 1-3 days before they’re delivered to you.

Q: Are all your meals frozen?

A: Little Greens Meals are frozen entrees, and we also offer frozen soups. You can add fresh food to your order by clicking on the Salads Button in the Order and Shop Page, or add some sweet things that always come fresh, not frozen.

Q: Can I buy these as a gift for someone else?

Yes! Buying someone the gift of healthy food is very popular. We will arrange delivery with the recipient if needed. You can easily do this on our Order and Shop Page under the "Healthy Gift" option.

Q: How do I pay?

Paying for your meals is as easy as (vegan) pie! Simply go to our ordering page and place your order. We accept all credit cards online.

Q: if i have an allergy, can you make my meals without that ingredient(s)?

A: Yes! We work with clients with allergies all the time. Please let us know when ordering in the "special instructions" field and we will make sure your meal is allergen free. We are not a nut free kitchen, but take extra precautions to make sure you get the best food possible for you and your family.

Q: Are your meals certified gluten free?

A: No. Although we label our Little Green Meals as “Gluten Free”, we use regular flour and other wheat ingredients at our shop on a regular basis. Although we take all necessary precautions when preparing our gluten free entrees, we cannot claim that they are 100% gluten free.

Q: How do I cook Little Green Meals? 

A: Cooking your meals is simple. Your meals will come with detailed cooking instructions. Each meal goes in the oven at the same time and temperature so it's easy, peasy!

Q: Do you use organic produce?

A: Yes. At Yoda’s Kitchen, we use organic whenever possible. All of our ingredient labels specify if the ingredients used were organic. Some ingredients we use are homegrown, and therefore are not certified organic although they do not get sprayed, ever.

Q: Are your meals vegan?

A: Yes. All our meals are vegan - made without dairy, eggs, meat or meat by products, including honey.

Q: Do your meals come with nutritional information?

A: We are currently in the process of getting nutrition labels done for all out meals. This process may take some time, so in the meantime, we can provide detailed ingredients lists for all of our meals upon request.

Q: When is my Little Green Meal made/how long is it frozen before I receive it?

We make your meals when you order them, so they are very fresh!

Q:  Do you deliver? And if so when?

A: Yes! We offer delivery to London and the surrounding area. We deliver on Thursday evenings between 6-9pm. Our delivery driver Julie can help you with any questions you might have too!

Q: How much Does delivery Cost? Can I pick up instead? 

We deliver to London and area.

London, Ontario Addresses: $10
Surrounding Area (ex. Arva, Mt. Brydges, St. Thomas etc.): $15

We also offer free Pick Up of your meals at Purdy Natural on Monday nights between 4:30-6pm. The option will be there for you at check out.

Q: Can you add meat to my Little Green Meal?

A: No. The Little Green Food Co. offers vegan meals only.

Q: Where do the ingredients you use come from?

A: Great question!! We source almost all of the ingredients we use from Elgin County. Most of our produce comes from Common Ground Farm, located in the heart of St Thomas’s countryside. We source 90% of the ingredients we use within 100km, with the exception of a few things like saffron, olive oil, coconut milk, etc.

Cooking Class Questions

Q: How long do cooking classes last? When do I need to be ready?

A: Cooking classes typically last 90 minutes - 2 hours. Chef Yoda will arrive 30 minutes before the class starts and will need uninterrupted access to your kitchen for 30 minutes.

Q: How many guests do we need?

A: Classes work best with 4 - 8 guests. It works well with couples, double dates, families and more. We also offer classes or dinner parties for 2 people.

Q: How far in advance do I need to book a class?

A: During our busy months (May-August, November-January) it is best to book as far in advance as you can. If you are interested in hosting your class on a Saturday, it is also best to give lots of notice. You can never book an event too early. You can always try your luck at contacting us if you have a last minute gathering, and we will do our best to fit you in.

Q: Do i need to provide anything, or does Yoda provide everything?

A: Chef Yoda will be in contact a few days/weeks before the class with a list of common ingredients. She will ask you to check off which items you have in your pantry (they include simple things like olive oil, salt, flour, lemons, etc.) Anything you don't have from the list is not necessary to pick up - it's just a way to reduce our waste and double shop. Chef Yoda will provide everything needed for the class, which is included in the cost.

Q: Are kids allowed at cooking classes?

A: YES! Chef Yoda loves cooking with kids, but please notify us before so that we can create an appropriate menu.

Q: Do you offer classes as gifts?

A: YES! Cooking classes make a great gift for the foodie in your life. Contact us directly and we will arrange a gift certificate for your class.


Miscellaneous Questions

Q: Do you sell gift certificates?

A: Yes, you can purchase one in person. Contact us to inquire!

Q: Do you make gluten free food?

A: Although we label certain Little Green Meals as “Gluten Free”, we do use wheat flour and other wheat ingredients at our shop on a regular basis. Although we take all necessary precautions when preparing our gluten free entrees, we cannot claim that they are 100% gluten free. We have a wide variety of 'Gluten Free' selections on our catering menus as well, but unfortunately cannot guarantee anything made in our kitchen is 100% gluten free.

Q: where do you stand on soy?

A: I have eaten my fare share of soy products. I like some of them, but whatever soy based product I buy, I always ensure I'm buying an organic, non-GMO product. There are some sketchy things happening in the world of soy, so it's important to know where your soy comes from and how it was grown.

Q: Why don't you cook meat?

A: There is no one reason why we don't support the meat industry at Yoda's Kitchen - there are many. Go here to read the long version...