Aquafaba.... The Miracle Egg Replacment...

Here’s a photo of us whipping up Aquafaba on site at Veg Fest London, 2018!

Here’s a photo of us whipping up Aquafaba on site at Veg Fest London, 2018!


Did you catch my demo at Veg Fest London?

We were talking Aquafaba and I wanted to share some of what I demonstarated with you!

My interest in AF started a few years ago when it became popularized in North America. Aquafaba is a relatively new discovery dating back to as early as May 2015. Since then, there’s been thousands of blog posts written about it, facebook groups dedicated to it and it was just added to the Oxford Dictionary!

So what the heck is Aquafaba? In latin, "Aqua" means water, and "Faba" means bean... so the best way to describe it is as BEAN WATER. Sounds pretty gross, right?

So let’s break it down. Molecularily speaking, chickpea water shares almost the same chemical makeup as eggs so we can use it just about any way we can use eggs. I made meringues to demonstrate, but you can also use it to make: cocktails, batters, quiche, omelettes, mayoniaise, marshmellows, icecream, icing, and macarons.

What are some of the benefits of Aquafaba?

  • Neutral in colour and flavour
  • Inexpensive and is something you normally throw away!
  • Virtually allergen free
  • Nutrient dense

Some quick facts and quidelines about Aquafaba:

  • 1 standard can of chickpeas yields 1 cup of aquafaba
  • Make sure you use UNSALTED chickpeas
  • 2 tbsp AF = 1 egg white
  • 3 tbsp AF = 1 whole medium egg
  • To Store: Freeze in icecube trays and then put into a ziplock bag
  • You can use any bean but chickpeas work best

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